Sports Collectibles Framing

Framed sports collectibles

Do you have a signed jersey, photograph or card collectable from one of your favorite athletes? What about the memorabilia you would like to decorate your man cave with, from that football or baseball game you went to recently? At Westchester Art & Frame we offer high quality custom framing services and display options for your sports collectibles, all at your convenience in Yorktown Heights.

We offer a wide variety of moldings and mats, from an extensive list of premier manufacturers. Westchester Art & Frame’s staff will help you choose a frame that is not only attractive and durable but is also tailored to your needs and budget, so you can showcase your sports memorabilia in your taste. 

Some of our suggested items for framing options include:

  • UV-free glass
  • Museum glass
  • Archival mat board

Part of the joy of having sports collectibles is showing off your collection, let Westchester Art & Frame give your collectibles a look that you’ll be proud to display. Call us today!