Custom Framing

Westchester Art & Frame – For the best in custom framing!

Did you know that framing a special piece of art or memorabilia can actually help to preserve it and keep it in beautiful condition for future generations?
It’s true. Ask us what Westchester Art & Frame can do to help keep your treasures looking their best for years to come, using archival custom framing products.
Our custom framing services near Yorktown Heights, NY can help bridge the gap that may exist between a favorite piece of art or item and the style throughout the rest of your home.
Perhaps you live in a modern space but would like to display Grandma’s beautiful, handcrafted quilt square? Custom framing it in a design that not only highlights Grandma’s art, but also complements your decor, will make it look as if the antique quilt square was meant for your contemporary space.
Thanks to the magic of custom framing, your special piece will seamlessly transition into the rest of your space with the perfect frame design, customized just for you!
Any way you look at it, custom framing from Westchester Art & Frame are the answer to all of your wall decor needs! Contact us at (914) 962-8900 or visit us at 1931 Commerce Street, Yorktown Heights, NY.