How Photo Restoration Works

Bring Old Memories Back to Life With Photo Restoration

Here at Westchester Art & Frame near Somers, New York, we are experts in transforming your old or damaged photos into keepsakes that you can enjoy forever. Our state-of-the-art digital techniques revive images that have been marred by rips, tears, stains, spots (including water damage and mildew).

Our services include:

  • Photo retouching: Removal of blemished, scars, people or unwanted objects/writing, as well as color correction.
  • Photo merging: Healing of photographs that are cracked, torn, folded or have missing areas.
  • Photo collage: Combining two or more photographs into a single piece.
  • Slides-to-Digital Format: Slides scanned into the jpeg digital format.

What are the benefits of photo restoration?
There are numerous benefits of photo restoration and momento-keeping overall. Digital images are a great keepsake, especially when you can easily upload and access them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Maybe you have older printed pictures that you wish could become digital files or restored to like-new condition. We can digitize your old photographs after restoration. The process is always quick and simple, as satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Restoring images can keep a memory alive for years. A few simple adjustments can enhance the original image and of course, the memories associated with it.

Why Westchester Art & Frame?
Our photo restoration services can bring any memory back to life including important milestones such as your child’s birth, graduation, engagement, wedding, and so much more! Even faded photographs of your parents, or grandparents can be made new again in the hands of our experienced experts here at Westchester Art & Frame.

Our professionals specialize in the conservation of photos. We offer special discounts to interior designers, architects, and professional photographers. So whether this restoration task is for personal or professional use, we offer a wide variety of services.

Photo restoration is a valuable endeavor, especially with back-to-school season here. You may want to restore pictures of child’s old first-day-of-school photos. This is especially valuable if your child is graduating high school or college. Why not have a collage of all their school photos? There are endless opportunities for photo restoration!

Contact Westchester Art & Frame today for more information on how we can help you preserve your photographs for years to come!

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