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August is here, which means back-to-school season has arrived once again! It’s time to start purchasing school supplies, getting class schedules, preparing lunches and getting your kids ready for those first-day-of-school photos. Maybe your little one is starting kindergarten or your teen is entering their senior year of high school; you know that you’re going to snap a photo for Facebook or Instagram. Why not have it printed and framed for your family’s wall of honor?

At Westchester Art & Frame, we offer great storing solutions for your photographs and keepsakes like mats, frames, and albums. We know that custom framing can turn your snapshots into a favorite piece of art in your home.

Photos are a great thing to frame and hang in your home, but even fabrics and little treasures can be framed and displayed in your home. Does your son play football? How about framing his jersey? Does your daughter dance? Frame her first set of ballet slippers! Whatever it is, you can collect memories of your children’s milestones by framing their keepsakes. Framing these treasured objects are a great way to keep memories alive and present in your home.

Do you have a favorite picture you want to keep safe for years to come? Protect these important images from elements such as dust, moisture and sticky fingers from your kids and have them framed. You can take extra care of your photos by choosing to mount the photos with acid-free mats or a protective UV-retardant glass (which filters damaging light).

Displaying your photos or little treasures is a great way to add additional décor to your home and wall space. Frames are great because they look good everywhere; in the living room, dining room or the hallway. Not only will frames keep your memories safe, it will make your walls pop with unique design. Guests will take a walk through your space and be able to see all the places you’ve been, the memories that were captured and the great décor it became.

Westchester Art & Frame’s professional art framers and consultants specialize in conservation and archiving as well as laminating a broad range of art and memorabilia. We have a reputation for excellence, serving a diverse client base including corporations, small businesses, interior designers, architects, hotels, restaurants and collectors.

Some of our additional services include:

  • Custom framing
  • Residential and commercial framing
  • Period frames
  • Design and consulting services

For more information contact us today at Westchester Art & Frame.

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